Please do browse my garden design blog; in it you’ll find garden ideas, inspiration and product reviews, reports from Shows including the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, pretty pictures from places I’ve been, a bit of arty stuff (paintings and drawings) and anything else I find interesting that I think you might enjoy too.

Chelsea Flower Show 2011

I’ve just come back from two days at the show – lucky me!  You can catch my Monday morning broadcast for BBC Somerset during the next week on their website’s Listen Again feature (see ‘things I like’ for link). This is my 11th successive visit to Chelsea and one of the most interesting things over the years has […]

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why I love winter

As I’m writing this, it’s lashing with rain, the wind is thrashing my black bamboos against the window and it’s not exactly warm, so why, you might ask, is this a season to enjoy? I realised a while back that while we all think spring and summer are lovely, there are just as many summer days […]

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Tuscan inspiration

I’ve just come back, somewhat reluctantly it has to be admitted, from a couple of weeks in Tuscany.  As ever when travelling (and one of my main reasons to travel), I come back inspired by new scenery, new architecture, quirky details and, in this case, some truly awe-inspiring paintings and sculpture. It was also lovely […]

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Cothay Manor

I recently re-visited the garden at Cothay Manor in Somerset, as I am leading a tour of West Country gardens in a few weeks time for Martin Randall Travel and wanted to see if there were changes I should be prepared for!  The tour is focusing on 20th century gardens, ‘from Jekyll to Pearson’, and will […]

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Chelsea Flower Show 2010

Anyone who might think that gardens develop too slowly, or last too long, to be affected by the vagaries of fashion need only visit the Chelsea Flower Show for a few consecutive years to realise just how much these gardens both set and reflect the trends of our times. A few years ago, the gardens were […]

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