Tuscan inspiration

I’ve just come back, somewhat reluctantly it has to be admitted, from a couple of weeks in Tuscany.  As ever when travelling (and one of my main reasons to travel), I come back inspired by new scenery, new architecture, quirky details and, in this case, some truly awe-inspiring paintings and sculpture.

It was also lovely to have time to indulge in some painting and drawing of my own, which I thought you might like to see.

This, above, was the view across the valley to a slightly higher village whose church clock chimed anything from half a minute to several minutes before our own.  The shades of green from sweet chestnut and firs, and the play of light from sun and shadows, made for a constantly changing set of tones.

This was my favourite view though, just a little to the left of the one above, but very different in character.  The hillside was a mix of parched grasses, woodland and rock, creating patterns with colour that I found fascinating to try to capture.