Rye sketchbook

I spent last weekend on the coast at Rye, dodging the downpours for some inspirational walks and spending the evenings creating a small sketchbook of compressed charcoal drawings from photos taken during the day.

Some of the drawings were from Camber sands, and some from Rye Harbour nature reserve, so I was able to explore ideas of moving and still water, energy and reflections.

Award-winning-garden-designer-sussex 2

Award-winning-garden-designer-sussex 4
For anyone who might know this viewpoint, you should be able to see Camber Castle from here, but in fact it was too misty in the middle distance.  I wondered about using artistic licence to add it in later but that felt like cheating!  Also I rather liked the purely natural landscape and felt that a high focal point would have detracted from the visual flow across the drawing of the water channel.

Appropriately enough, I was staying in The Artist’s Cottage in the middle of Rye which I can highly recommend.